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  1. Might be, but we hadn't heard about it when we were designing our plugin scheme, and my deadline doesn't seem to be going anywhere. Hopefully it won't be too late to integrate the new stuff when it comes out, if it's useful. It would be very cool if it made my post here useless. Maybe I'll find out next week, eh?
  2. Am I advanced? I don't know, but I'll answer anyway Sometimes, if they're convenient. I never prototyped anything with them, except once I played with the Signal Generator a bit. I have used them once or twice in production code. Sometimes they're a little nicer than attaching constants. Big, unless they're taking too much room. They look nicer than the normal LabView icons. I see Express VIs as a gimmick. I've never found them especially useful. They offer me very little beyond normal VIs.
  3. Note: I first posted this on NI's forum, but then I thought there might be more interested people here. (I made two posts there, and combined them here; that's what parts 1 and 2 are.) There are almost certainly some wrong statements below -- corrections are eagerly solicited. By the way, I'll be at NI Week next week in the Texas Instruments booth. If anybody wants to talk some LV smack, I'm all over it. Part 1: the problem We want to dynamically load and manipulate XControls -- that is, we want to dynamically load an XControl and invoke properties and methods on it. Not only that, but w
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