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  1. Thank you _Mike_ for pointing me in the Right direction. "Point" here was the right buzzword. But nerver mind, it was another Toolkits VI I had placed deep in the Code, I did not know that it calls anything outside LabVIEW. Sorry and thank you. Regards Ksanto
  2. Hello, I tinkered around with this toolkit/set a while ago but recently set up my PC completely Fresh. So i decided to go with a 64bit Version of LabVIEW. Unfortunately the Toolkits/sets VIs do not work probably with the 64Bit Version of my application. As I investigated, the first 64 bit Version of LabVIEW was 2009. I like to look for a solution by myself, but without any starting point it is hard. Has anyone a clue what parts of the Toolkit/set are maybe influenced depending on whether you use the 32 bit version or 64 bit Version. I think it is unlikely that t
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