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About Me

Disciplined and passionate Instrumentation engineering graduate with more than three years of experience in the automation industry, seeking to expand the horizon of knowledge and skills to effectively work in the promising and challenging work environment where my technical and managerial expertise can be utilized and enhanced.

My Skill highlight:


· Expert in application, use, and programming of National Instruments LabVIEW

· Familiarity with systems and software engineering processes

· Familiarity with SDLC AND STLC Method and Concept.

· Skilled in designing documents, configuration control, and preparing test plans and user documentation

· Self-directed and the ability to meet objectives

· Very well knowledge about SQL, MySQL database.

· Ability to work in a team environment and independently

· Ability to create test Case for test hardware or Software and successfully execute test case

· Working with Many types of hardware like PLC,NI-FPGA,NI-DAQ ,sensors etc.

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