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  1. Try the link below: http://www.mhst.de/downloads.htm
  2. Vugie, this is excellent, thank you. I tried to implement the chain example with 3D Objects, but I need assistance on the 3D objects. When I rotate the view, the chain appears to rotate independently of the axes..... am I required to make a transformation myself? Also, the mesh reference is not available (closed?) if I do not keep the drawable reference.... is this normal? Also, how can I reference the mesh by name instead of by reference ? chain 3D.vi
  3. Hi All. How can I obtain the SceneMesh parameters of an Object if I only have the objects name. My thoughts would be to use something as shown below.... unfortunately SceneMesh is not a Class of SceneObject.... Specifically I would like to get the VertexArray, NormalArray and Indices. Any suggestions?
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