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  1. Kalvado

    Legacy NI-DAQ download

    NI removed older versions of GPIB drivers because same drivers were used by non-NI devices, without permission or royalties. Latest versions detect NI genuine hardware and refuse to operate if improper ones are found. I am not sure if anyone pirated older DAQ designs and sells those old boards; but if they do... rewriting depreciated legacy drivers is probably not cost effective.
  2. Kalvado

    Legacy NI-DAQ download

    Thank you very much!!
  3. Kalvado

    Legacy NI-DAQ download

    Does anyone have a downloaded copy of last legacy NI-DAQ 7.5? Apparently NI removed those from the web site, and I am reinstalling an old system and need that. I have couple of older versions hanging around, but I really need 7.5... It used to be here - but now link doesn't work nay more: http://www.ni.com/download/traditional-ni-daq-legacy-7.5/4498/en/

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