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  1. hi i have a question in basic understanding of update rate sample rate samples per buffer and cycles per buffer. i have DAQ 6343 and electronic circuit. i'm using AO0 for generation sine wave at these frequencies 10Hz, 100Hz, 500Hz, 1kHz, 3kHz this signal enters to electronic circuit. and after conversion i must to measure two outputs of this circuit by AI2 and AI3. from my understanding of tech spec of the daq analog output update rate is 900kS/s and analog input update rate is 500kS/s as i understand if i have freq = 3kHz the maximum sample rate per buffer is 300 samples and if i have freq = 10Hz i can generate this signal with 90000 samples per buffer? for analog input the formula is the same? that meaning of cycles per buffer? which sample rate of AI i need to setup to measure data fast and accurately? thanks for answers
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