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  1. hello, thank you for your help. i got the output.
  2. hi, i tested with their software it working correctly with same usb. but i labview it did't work why.
  3. hi, i use schneider electric energy meter Model:EM:1200. which is come with RS485 communication port. my program is to read the power and power factor using RS485 communication in LabVIEW. I try to program using modbus master, but values didn't shown. please help me.
  4. hi I use rs485 to USB converter. make B&B electronics.
  5. Hi, This is senthil. I do the program in LabVIEW for modbus RS485 communication. I use LabVIEW 2012 full development system. i also install modbus master from VIPM. I did the program using Modbus master. I using read holding register to read the data. But in excution time data didn't show.
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