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  1. Here the VI file Download File:post-583-1092595872.vi
  2. Im trying to send data to a array and want to use 'i' from the while loop as the index for the array. Ive wired it up the only way i can think of but the array is still empty after running the VI Any idea what im doing wrong?? See picture (looking at 'average weight array')
  3. Hi I'm a uni student in the UK and need to help with an LabView assignment, i was hoping you could point me in the right direction on how to get started... I'm sure this assignment is very simple but this is my first time using labview and i haven't got a clue how to best approach this problem... I would appreciate any advice... here is a link to the assignment (link to assignment) (extra notes) 2 vi's are also provided for use in the assigment weight1.vi noise.vi I bet this assignment look like a piece of cake to someone with experience :worship: Curious, How many hours would it take an experienced LabView user to programme something like this??
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