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  1. Back to sweet home Chicago. Sadly the greatest week of the summer is over.

  2. http://yfrog.com/h0bhcjpzj

    This is the only boy she is allowed to dance with.

  3. That could not next year.

    1. Cat


      Still a little hung over? :-)

  4. Anyone that doesn't have diner plans we will be Meeting in the Hilton lobby at 6:00 pm. We will decide where to eat then.

  5. 3:00 am that's how to write for Wednesday of NI week. See every one on 5 hours.

  6. At Ceader St. over looking the band. Come party with.

  7. Getting on the bus for the #NIweek party

  8. http://yfrog.com/hsbydbdj

    Ok I know I said it before but this is definatly the best NI week ever!!!!!!

  9. Waiting for the other Champions where are you Jeff K is here

    1. Grampa_of_Oliva_n_Eden


      Spec-ing out a new reactor control system. Where did you expect?

  10. Half way through #NIWeek so far it's been AWSOME

  11. Meeting on the lobby of the Hilton 6:45 pm if you want to cab it. #LAVA

  12. Never mind I messed up the time

  13. Heading to maggie mays.

  14. Pinning my LabVIEW. What are your the plans for tonight.

  15. Just met a 14 year old that just passed his clad. That made my day. #NIweek

    1. jcarmody


      That will be encouraging to my kids. Thanks for sharing.

  16. Fueled up, Fired up, Tagged and Tired. Must be the first day of #NIweek

  17. I'm at the GMam what beer should I get

  18. Heading to B Billiards any JKI up for some foozeball.# NIweek

  19. At the airport. Flint Mi to St Paul Minn to Austin be there at 5:45pm. Then My #NIWeek beings.

  20. At my third family gathering this year. Its great to experience the stories and discover how my family environment came to be.

  21. Packing for the big show. With the new LAVAg shirt I now have one for every day of the #NIWeek

  22. One week from today I will be eating Bar-B-Queue with my LAVA friends. Can't wait #NIweek

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