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  1. Thank you for the heads-up. I may be able to make it. Some of that hardware just may still have my finger prints on it. Ben "Ex-DEC-ie with an attitude"
  2. Please include more info to help us help you. Feel free to post in your native tongue if English is an issue. Ben
  3. I use it when the app warrents it. Generally exposing an ODBC to the outside world, the DB auto logging and retrieval are the main motivators. Upgrades have been areal pain the ... I have DSC apps that started as BridgeVIEW and the labor involve in keeping it up to date is very costly. New version of DSC LOOK similar to the older versions but I get the impresion the developers of the newer versions had little knowlege of how the old stuff worked. The last time I actually chose to use DSC was when I had to do logging from PLC's since that is fully auto once set-up. DSC used to be great. Recently it feels like DSC is the red-headded step-child. Ben
  4. ...and for my next trick I will perform a vacation.

  5. In this scenario he would have to disable on the PLC. Also cntradicted by observation OK after moving to another NIC. Ben
  6. I recently chased a TCP issue under LV 8.6 and came away beliveing that 10Hz is about the best I can expect out of Windows. Since its OK on another NIC I would expect the other network traffic is getting in the way and tying up the TCP stack and not acking the packet. I found a lot of info posted by gamers trying to reduce Lag so searching on Lag and speed will get you some good hits. This link http://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/library/bb726981.aspx gives you the internals of the TCP stack under windows and if there anything that can be tweaked its in there. If you find something out please share so we can benefit. Ben
  7. what I like about Herman is, he strikes me as being real.

  8. You maybe able to hack a bit. Use extra plots (two ?) with one filled to plus and the other to negative. Only include values for the range where you want the fill. Or you could insert an image into the plot and use the picture control to fill what you want. There is a shipping example that is a graph based on a picture. So no ready built solution but there are possibilties. Ben
  9. Prep for yet another road trip but this time Spain. LV is everywhere!

  10. That is close to my style as well (exception: I avoid wiring through the top/bottom of structures since it is not well defined if those tunnels are input or output) but the point I want to highlight now is the label allignments. It would be nice if the labels of source are to the left and outputs on the right. Ben
  11. A return visit from Oliva but Grandma was out. Again with the ball gown but I had to decline when Olivia suggested I wear the Snow White outfit. I do have limits.

  12. Last night Grandma and Olivia dressed up in gowns and danced in the library. It dont get any better.

  13. I will sometimes turn them on for types as well but usually they are off. Where I would love to see the icon in when you colapse a library in the hiarchy view. THat would useful. Ben
  14. I get an extra visit from the grandaughter this evening. Blocks books and pounding nails scheduled.

  15. We teach most of the LV course for the DC area. You asemble the students and I'll get you the teacher (well not me but our training coordinator) Ben
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