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  1. Thank you Dadreamer, I appreciate your help. Now at least i can see all used vis, controls in the folder. But could not open them. I tried Loading a single VI into flarn's Resource Editor and changed CLIv resource section Type to LIvi. and CLId resource section Type to LIds. But still could not open the VI. I am getting below error.
  2. Hi Dadreamer, Thank you for your suggestion. I followed your instructions and found that "extract_exe_vis.vi" works fine with .VI and .CTRL extensions but my exe contains .xctl (Xcontrols) and some .lvclass and this vi is throwing errors while saving it. (Due to path problems) E.g. Tab.lvclass:Tab.ctl Tab.lvclass:GetSubPanelViRef.vi ADC_AcqView.lvlib:SaveData.vi:Instance:2 Analysis.lvlib:ADC_Debug_Gen.vi:Instance:1
  3. Hello, I tried executing above commands in Git Bash and found that for one the EXE, after executing "./readRSRC.py -vv -x -i 1.exe_10_2_0" command I am getting "1_LANG.bin" and "1_LEIF.bin" but it is not generating "1_LVzp.bin" Below is a log generated.... $ ./readRSRC.py -vv -x -i 1.exe_10_2_0 1.exe_10_2_0: Starting file parse for RSRC extraction 1.exe_10_2_0: Block 'FLAG' index 0 recognized 1.exe_10_2_0: Block b'FLAG' max data size set to 32 bytes 1.exe_10_2_0: Block b'LANG' max data size set to 24 bytes 1.exe_10_2_0: Block b'LEIF' max data size set to 10979932 bytes
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