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  1. Thank you for your explanation.I get it.I will convince my boss.
  2. Thank you very much. I find if i use value change event,it will be pass current value.(I usually use it).I will search the different between value change and mouse down.
  3. Maybe the mouse down event and the button's mechanical action is the reason? I like using value change event in my code. It's a Retired colleague's program,I delete the subVIs which the company doesn't want show. Test.vi
  4. It's a very easy event case. The problem is that the String to write (hex display) terminal passes the old value rather than the new value to the String out on my boss's computer when I clicked COM Write Button.But the problem never happens on my computer.Our computers' environment both are win7 and LabVIEW2014-Chinese. Is there anybody can explicate this phenomenon? Thanks.
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