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  1. I was putting together a design document. I have a sample class hierarchy involving a Dog, a Cat and a Fish. This lead to the sentence: "This arrangement allows the Dog to initialize the Fish."

  2. There are few things more professionally exciting than having the fastest code developer and prototyper (text, not G) on your team walk up and say, "I'm bored and out of projects. Do you have anything for me to work on?" Oh, boy, do I!!!

  3. In LV, a child class cannot have a static-dispatc method with the same name as its parent. This is called "shadowing" in other languages. If I had any doubts about that decision, today's text code debacle has cured them.

    1. shoneill


      Some juicy extra information?

    2. Aristos Queue

      Aristos Queue

      No, just a really bad day coding. Shadows move when you're not looking.

    3. shoneill


      Pity, I love hearing about things like you've just mentioned. It gives me the illusion of knowing stuff.

  4. There are few LV R&D things more frustrating than trying to edit vi.lib and having your tools broken because they depend upon the VI that you're editing... and, for various reasons, creating a copy of the VIs outside of vi.lib is not always an option... particularly when the tool you want to work is "Update All Callers"... and the callers in vi.lib only call the version *in* vi.lib.

  5. If you have never seen the truth that "power corrupts", try telling a room full of first graders that "these robots are under your control". Yeesh.

  6. First time ever to have reason to use "Decimate 1D Array" function in real code.

  7. Quote of the day: "Have you seen that diagram? It looks like it was drawn with the picture control!" -- another LV R&D member

  8. Have finished month long project to learn all parts of serialization system in C#. Am very impressed. At same time, am very glad LV is by value based and not by reference based. WHAT A NIGHTMARE.

  9. Ever create a queue of an error cluster? The wire is particularly pretty. Never created one of those before... or, if I did, I never paused to note its aesthetics.

    1. asbo


      I think my favorite is simply a numeric/enum queue/notifier/UE. Looks like a laser, and makes me wish we had a red data type.

  10. In 2002, when users were just seeing LV 6.1, I was looking forward to what would eventually be LV 8.2. Today, I am officially looking forward to LV 2016. Or 2017. Not sure.

    1. Daklu


      Teasing us with features 6 years away? Brutal.

  11. I don't care what language I'm using -- error handling is a PAIN. We need a less error prone universe.

  12. Attended "Trends in Functional Programming" international symposium this week and now believes in references EVEN LESS.

    1. Tomi Maila

      Tomi Maila

      So when do we see functional programming in LV, was expecting it before OOP as it "better" fits to LV paradigm ;)

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