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  1. Thank you for your help. I had modified little your program in attachment and now I I received the necessary result. I'm thinking this topic can be closed.
  2. 1) Sorry for my fault. Yesterday I had a problem with uploading files and images in this post. Now I'm attaching VI. 2) This is SubVI. It works in another VI where I have a while loop.Today I will experimenting with while loop inside this VI. subvi_1.vi
  3. Hi Everyone! I started with LabVIEW in last year. I have a short question for you with my little trouble. In first of all my VI must counting up and down in the range 45 to 145. On first program step, two case structures will stop count, if we get number out of range. In case of we writes a good number, last procedure will launch counting from zero to number on input, but I want to start incresing/decreasing from last number on output not from zero like in this case. Have anyone problem like me ever? Thanks for respond and support. http://fotowrzut.pl/STCFT0EJXI
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