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  1. Hi. I use shared variables on several projects on different nodes. On some of them, after rebooting the OS, the variables restore their value (as it should be), on others this does not happen. I use Windows 10 and approximately the same setting. Does anyone know where I can search in the OS settings or LabVIEW to get predicted DSC behavior after rebooting the OS. Sincerely, Vitaly.
  2. Hi. This is a simple project in which we found a problem. We want to: launch several copies of the incoming VI driver, serving the same devices of the same type. In each copy, the binding of the controls to the required shared variable changes programmatically. Noticed: it is impossible to bind the same type of controls in different copies to different variables. The value of the SV variable binding path for the control from the last copy of the VI is copied to all previous controls. Before you begin, you must deploy the library with test variables. Sincerely
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