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  1. Thank you for your reply. The attachment is the header file. It should be noted that when the acceptance rate is low, the program can run normally. zlgcan.h
  2. Hi, I had a problem working with a CAN-bus equipment. This is the flow chart of the device interface function call. (Image.png), What Structure, should I use to display RT Data on a multicolumn listbox while ensuring real-time ? usbcan-e-u_demo_labview2010.zip
  3. Thanks for the reply. I'm doing the wrapper dll now. My project is a little complicated.
  4. Trying to call the function below: typedef struct tagZCAN_CHANNEL_INIT_CONFIG { UINT can_type; //0:can 1:canfd union { struct { UINT acc_code; UINT acc_mask; UINT reserved; BYTE filter; BYTE timing0; BYTE timing1; BYTE mode; }can; struct { UINT acc_code; UINT acc_mask; UINT abit_timing; UINT dbit_timing; UINT brp; BYTE filter; BYTE mode; USHORT pad; UINT reserved; }canfd; }; }ZCAN_CHANNEL_INIT_CONFIG; CHANNEL_HANDLE ZCAN_InitCAN(DEVICE_HANDLE device_handle, UINT can_index, ZCAN_CHANNEL_INIT_CONFIG* pInitConfig); Can anyone give me some tips on how to pass this structure with union into DLL? Thanks for any help you can provide!
  5. Hi ned, Thank you very much for the reply, This is also the same day I wrote the post.
  6. Hi,JKSH,I really appreciate the information and advice you have given. I will try follow your advice that you have provided me.
  7. Hi When I call the DLL, there is a structure: struct Signal { uint32 nStartBit; uint32 nLen; double nFactor; double nOffset; double nMin; double nMax; double nValue; uint64 nRawValue; bool is_signed; char unit[11]; char strName[66]; char strComment[201]; }; There is another Message structure to the above Signal: struct Message { uint32 nSignalCount; uint32 nID; uint8 nExtend; uint32 nSize; Signal vSignals[513]; char strName[66]; char strComment[201]; } The point is Signal vSignals[513]; I've tried to solve it like this,but the program will crash. How to create struct Message ,any good suggestions? Thanks a lot. message.vi
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