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  1. Yes, definitely i will modify the code for to open the file at initialization. I have not added any such software which could lock the file. I am using ESET NOD32 antivirus software and is running from past 3 years. I am not getting any error while writing the same file and i am using same file from past 3 months to store the database records. The example codes provided with sqlite toolkit also runs without any error. I am getting errors while opening the file only. To try the locking possibility, i created several files with the same name. The labview code (as given in previous atta
  2. Hi, I am getting error from SQLite while reading the database file. Error is "Unable to open database file". I am using SQLite from last 1 month and didnt encouter this error before. Suddenly, from yesterday SQLite is started giving this error and is random. What could be the resolution? Please find attached herewith my example code and the SQLite error SQLite error.zip
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