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  1. Thank you for the answer! I thought the same and placed the class constant on the same block diagram but it didn't solve the problem. The other problem is that this dependant class (TreeNode.lvclass) is already built into the PPL so it shouldn't be a problem. The top level VI also contains a constant of this class so it should already be in the memory. This vi (Attribute.List.Get) is a Dynamic dispatch method of the TreeNode class and at this point there is no one to override it so the Class which travels on the Wire of the Parent class is the parent class itself (TreeNode.lvclass) On side note: PPLs have a few pain in the neck features but we need some easily distributable package format and at this point there is no nice alternative!
  2. Hello Everyone, i have stumbled upon a problem which i need help from someone more experienced in this field: Labview gives me the following error when trying execute the Attribute.List.Get dynamic dispatch vi when I build the containing class into a PPL and try to execute it. The class must be in the memory because I have already inserted a few instance of it into the map collection which the for loop iterates through (as seen on the picture). The problem is resolved if I cast the object back to its parent object and try to execute its method that way. Can someone explain this behaviour to me? Thank you!
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