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  1. We are a small company in need of a LabVIEW programmer with a decent amount of experience. Specifically, you should be able to take a programming task and complete it yourself with minimal help. Don't worry though we won't throw you to the wolves we just need someone who can jump in and get things done. We deal in automation, and testing with national instruments products. EE familiarity or background might be helpful though it isn't required. What we can offer you: Relaxed anti-corporate environment. Beer on Fridays, Lunch on Mondays. You can work flexible hours as long as you get your work done, and you can bring your dog to work. We do some travel. All candidates need to be US citizens and be able to pass a background check for ITAR purposes. Health insurance and a decent 1mo PTO package is included. Our pay systems works on a profit sharing basis. You will get a base sum dependent on experience, and then a percentage of the profit split between the team. If you're interested to know more shoot me a PM with your phone number and resume.
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