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  1. ShaunR Currently my program has a same behavior as MDI Toolkit in the movement of "child" And I research a solution to creat a limited area as I did in the last explication. How do you creat this limited area?
  2. Yes I use a API Windows with Parent/Child relationships Is there a solution to solve this problem?
  3. Hello ShaunR I studied your solution But I would like to have the principle as in the picture below And in flexibility zone, we displace indicators and orders
  4. Hello Chris Here is images of problem The indicator behave an independent window
  5. My issue is the following: I created a dynamic VI where the user creates his own interface he inserts indications and commands that it needs knowing that we can move them during the execution of the vi (function integrated in the program) When I call this VI using a subpanel, my indicators take the reference of the window of windows and not of the window of the subpanel. Do you have a solution to have everything in the subpanel? Or a solution to execute the vi in a restrictive zone of the Front Panel Thank you in advance
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