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  1. Hi Pallen, Thanks for answering! I could eventually figured my problem out. I had one .lvlib (main lib, let's call A.lvlib), at the root of the tree, that contained others .lvlib (containing the alarm shared variables, let's call them X.lvlib, Y.lvlib, etc). For some unknown reason I couldn't get the description field of the shared variable when placed in X.lvlib, Y.lvlib, etc. while I could get other fields (!?) Placing X.lvlib, Y.lvlib, etc at the root of the tree (and not into an other "main" .lvlib), I can get the description of the shared variable like expected. Thanks very much
  2. Hello Everybody. I am pretty new with DSC module but not with Labview I am facing some issue with the property "Description" in alarms link to Shared Variables. I just can't see anything in my "<alarm & event notification>:User event" event structure, in the "alarm description" field. My code is very similar to the one found in the DSC Alarms Demo.lvproj in the labview\examples\lvdsc.... I've already tried to:: - setup the field in : Shared Variable Properties > Alarming > Description - setup the field in : Shared Variable Properties > Description - write directly a string in SharedVariableIO property Any clue? Thanks a lot for helping
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