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  1. hi sir look at my work its is correct or no plz expression: 1) z = (3>>x)+(5<<y) 2) z = (x² ^ 2) | (y & 1) task2-1.vi task2-2.vi
  2. LogMAN thanks sir
  3. 1) z = (3>>x)+(5<<y) what does it mean << and >> its an array? and by any tools can i design it in block diagram 2) z = (x² ^ 2) | (y & 1) when i put the boolean oppeartion and try to connect input and out put variable, message show demande mathscrpt
  4. im using Labview 2015 64 bit
  5. I mean i cant design a Virtual instrument for this expression
  6. Yes sir, I cant resolve the first and second expressiion
  7. is my work until now correct?
  8. the third question i m all ready doing it the response is in attach file but the first and second expression i m really not understand how can i resolve it thanks sir for your reply
  9. Some one can helps me please I'm new in LabVIEW deveolopment and I need to solve this expression with VI in LabVIEW 2015 Im tried many solution I cant add mathScript to labview2015..some one helps me to design the VI. thanks alot 1) z = (3>>x)+(5<<y) 2) z = (x² ^ 2) | (y & 1)
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