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  1. I'll try to test by it. Mr.Poter, Mr.MarkCG and Mr.ensegre, thank you very much !
  2. You are right. I made a mistake. Is this "the Modbus Comm Tester" that you suggested, right ?
  3. Mr.ensegre, thanks your help. I made a mistake in upload image last time. I'm so sorry. I'd like to write a query message like this uploaded image about Function 06. I tried to use "Write Single Register.vi" in reference to your advice. Is this correct ? Sincerely, Canko
  4. Mr.Poter and Mr.MarkCG, thank you for reply. For example, I'd like to write a query message like this uploaded image. In this case, Can I use the "write multiple registers.vi" ? First, I make an 1Darray. It is Slave Address, Function, ...Error Check. Technically, It is 0000 0110, 0000 0011, ...CRC. Then, I input to value of "write multiple registers.vi" it ? Can I understand your advices ? Sincerely, Canko
  5. Hi, Nice to meet you. I'd like to use "Write Single Register.vi" by RTU mode. But I don't know how to input Value(U16). http://modbus.org/docs/PI_MBUS_300.pdf For example, like a query in above link page28, Figure 7. In this case, How can I input value ? Sincerely, Canko
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