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  1. drjdpowell, that's right. It's very similar to what I wanted. It really helped a lot! Thanks!
  2. smithd, It looks like a really good reference, but I did not run it because I did not have some vi even after downloading it. Thanks for the help!
  3. jacobson, I heard your advice, I tried to code it by continuing 'read' through the Time-Delayed Send Message and ending the message by releasing the notifier. I am very grateful to you.
  4. Hi all. I just started studying the actor framework. I'm trying to do basic coding in this and the ni community while learning the basics. I would like to make a continuous measurement and logging system using the actor framework, but I'm in trouble. The way I originally code it is to put the 'read' function inside the state machine and pass the output of the function to the 'save loop' using the queue. Here are the questions 1. Is it correct to code in actor core to use some continuous action or a while loop? To be precise, is it necessary to create an actor core to write one
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