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  1. OK, I explained me in a wrong way. I can operate with Labview and matlab, but when the matlab script node calls a the dll to get some parameters, it doesn't work. This only works in my PC, and i have made the same whith my PC as in others.
  2. I'm using matlab 6.5. The problem is that I made an aplication that in my PC runs perfectly, but when I try to run it in whatever othe PC (I tried in three) there is no communication.
  3. I have an error with matlab script node in labview; there is no comunication between them. As I saw in NI pages, this is a common error and I replaced the matscript.dll file (with version that is in \resource and \Labview run time s NI said, but the thing doesn't go. Please, if someone knows something to repaire this failure, let me know. Thanks epravi
  4. I have the typical error of no comunication between matlab and labview with the matlab script node. I have also replace the matscript.dll (with version that are in \resource and \Labview run time but the thing doesn't go. Please, if someone knows something to repaire this failure, let me know. Thanks epravi
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    Thanks. I'll try it again.
  6. epravi


    I'm running v7.0, but I'm also a beginner.
  7. epravi


    Sorry PJM but I can't open the file. Don't know why. When I try to open it, says that I have to look for the name of this file, and so on. Could you help me??
  8. epravi


    Just so, I recieve 1 pressure and enthalpy point at a time at random intervals, but I don't know how to build an array with all these values and to represent it in XY Graphs.
  9. epravi


    Hello everybody! I get some values of pressure and enthalpy (not array) depending on time and want to make an XY graph Pressure-Enthalpy but as far as I can it always needs arrays to work. Does anyone know how can I represent this graph?? Thank you very much! Epravi
  10. I have a file of temperature adquisition data (data in columns), and want to make some operations in the Matlab script node. Imagine I get one of the columns as a vector. How can I easily get element by element of the vector to introduce it in the Matlab script node?. My matlab program calls one dll that only takes real number, but not vectors. THANK YOU
  11. Hallo everybody! I tried to read a lvm file to simulate this signal but it doesn't work. It only reads 22 values of 200. I don't know what is going on.
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