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  1. Looking for someone with LabVIEW skills to join the innovation team at YASA. An exciting job at a growing company. https://yasa.livevacancies.co.uk/#/job/details/84
  2. This clears things up and yes I have the file now. I think your ISO15765 toolkit could prove useful too. The NI ECU toolkit is fairly good value tbh, so its not too big a sell. Thanks for all your help.
  3. Hi Hooovahh, Thanks for your reply. (P.S your CAN series on your blog has been super helpful in the past - thanks!) Getting a bit confused when you refer to 'toolkit' whether you are referring to the ADCS toolkit or the ECU toolkit (and XNET driver I think) Also, unfortunately the link here is broken: All that aside, proper A2L support is essential really as these will chop and change and I can't go packet sniffing everytime that happens. Looking like the ECU toolkit is gonna be required. Pretty sure some people are gonna wanna buy Vector kit though... Thanks!
  4. Hello, My actual requirements are a bit nebulous at the moment but just assessing my options. Has anyone had any luck with 3rd party software with XCP/CCP and LabVIEW? This could be 3rd party hardware or XNET stuff. Maybe a home-brew driver or vendor supplied? I realise NI offers the NI ECU Measurement and Calibration toolkit for XCP/CCP support with XNET hardware but I want to know if this is my only option! Thanks!
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