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  1. I want to read from a excel file which contains both strings and numbers. I tried using read characters from file.vi and read from spreadsheet file.vi but it doesn't work .Can anyone help me with an example on how to read from an excel file. Thanx in advance.
  2. Hi, I need to open a excel file in which the user has to enter some details. The file should contain only 2 columns and 100 rows. I was successful in opening and displaying an existing excel file. But I don't know how to display only the 2 columns and 100 rows and not the other cells. Can anyone help me. Thanx.
  3. Hi, I would like to create a HELP for my LabVIEW application just like how LabVIEW gives to its users. I just have a HELP menu and I don't know hot to add text and other features to it. Can anyone help me?
  4. Hi, Thanx for your reply. I dod the way you told for mouse click & message display and it works fine. Yeah! I am using subpanels to display borders. I don't know whether I can do this anyother way bcoz they should be displayed only when the subpanels open. You have mentioned that "There are much better ways to accomplish whatever you are trying to do." Can you elaborate on those better ways. Thanx & Regards, Srini.
  5. Hi, In my application I have a "configure" item in my menu. When this menu is selected, a doc/exel/txt file should open. It should have a format something like shown below: S.No Pin No. Channel Name Under each of the columns, the user will enter the required values and I need to use them in my program. If opening a file with predescribed format is not possible, then I would like to know how to read the data column wise if such a file already exists. Thanx & Regards, Srini
  6. Hi, Sorry! I forgot to attach 2 files. Now you can run the copy of menutest.vi. Click the GNG button on the front panel. Kindly see my VI and help me. Awaiting for a reply. Thanx & Regards, Srini. Download File:post-600-1093955496.zip
  7. Hi, I have attached a zip file that contains all the VIs required by the main VI, test.vi. Click the GNG button on the test.vi front panel. Three subpanels will open. In the acquisition panel, just click the acquire button and choose the binaryfile1.dat. The LEDs(right now only 6 out of 96 of them) will show some status. Now, if I click any of those LEDs, some message should be displayed on the details window. Run the status1.vi separately and you will know my problem. Thanx & Regards, Srini. Download File:post-600-1093881430.zip
  8. Hi, The LEDs are arranged as 16X6 array and it is of control type. The LEDs will be displayed on the front panel by a call to another VI(subVI). I will be reading a continous chunk of 96 bits until EOF and based on some rules, I will some message to be displayed on a "details window" (which is also opened by a call to another VI) when the user clicks on each LED . Right now I don't have the files with me. I will attach it and send it to you in the next half of the day. Bye!
  9. Does anyone know how to hide some of the LEDs or buttons on the front panel based on some conditions. Actually I am developing an user interface which will display the status of some digital lines and these lines are not fixed. They will vary with the project. So, I want to read the no:of lines from a file and display only those LEDs on the front panel .I want the rest of them to be either hidden or grayed out. How to do it?
  10. Hi, I am reading 96 bits corressponding to the 96 lines from a binary file and switching ON/OFF 96 LEDs in a subpanel VI(Sub VI is named STATUS.vi) in my front panel. The LEDs are of CONTROL type and their mechanical action is "switch when pressed". Now, I want to display some details about each line(like why it is OFF or ON) in another subpanel when I click on any one of the LEDs. I tried using event structure in the STATUS.vi, but it waits for the key down event of the 1st LED, displays the message and then only displays the status (ON/OFF) of the second LED. If I want to see the status o
  11. Hi, In the example you have sent, you are controlling the subVI from a control in the main VI and then displaying the selected control. In my application, I just want to read the data entered in the subVI and display that in the main VI. Can I adopt your way even for my case? Actually I am not very clear with your inner while loop. Please help me. Thanx & Regards, Srini.
  12. Hi, I want to open a VI in a subpanel in my main VI. Then, I need to enter some values, filenames, etc in the text and numeric fields in the subpanel's VI and use them for displaying some data in the main VI and/or one more subpanel. Right now I am able to just open the VI in the subpanel but I am not able to do any operation with it. I tried making a connector pane for sub VI, but all the nodes are acting as input nodes only. Then I made a text control in the main VI and connected it to one of the text indicator fields in the subVI. But when I enter a string in the main VI, it's not gett
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