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  1. Hey guys... I have played around with package manager/builder in the last few days... it seems that this thing is not completely easy going as I thought it was - or I am just too stupid to use... so what I want: I have a network drive with folders where I store NI Installers/feeds/pools and other .nipkgs/feeds I want to create "station specific" feeds out of these packages. Easiest way I found out to create such a feed was to do it via command line? I did something like: nipkg feed-create C:\temp\TestStation P:\driverX nipkg feed-create --append C:\temp\TestStation P:\driverY What I did not find is a possibility to like concatenate different Package-Feed-Files. For example the NI drivers and so on always have a Feed file in there installers, wouldn't it be nice to just select these files instead of all the .nipkgs in the pool folder? Would make the new Package-feed-file much more readable if the would only contain references to other feed files, at least in my head... thanks in advance €: had another idea: I could create an installer which installs Package Manager with a few tweaks by just adding the network package feed files to the recognized feed paths? Or does someone else have some good idea to setup production stations with defined runtimes/test setups AND also developing stations with defined versions?
  2. @Admin: I just recognized I am in the wrong section, is it possible to move my post? @Rolf Kalbermatter: maybe you have an idea for me, I struggle with an idea: I want to build 2 Repositories: Rep1: Config Files Version 1.0.3 VIs Version 1.0.6 Rep2: Config File Version 1.0.1 VIs Version 1.0.10 But somehow I am too stupid find the right Version Tab to do this... I the repository Tab there is only "Latest Build" as a selection... feels a little strange?
  3. Hey thanks for your answers! Just found out about the Post-Install Script calls This will work fine for me. Its the first time working with package builder and I missed the possibility for scripts in my first look. --> this will do the job by the way I kinda like this thing (package builder).
  4. Hi Guys, is there a (clean) way to install Matlab with NI Package Manager? I need some mat-Scripts (local .m-Files) for my software and make sure the right version is installed. (as we use package manger, and I am not that familiar with it, it would be nice to have one software package rather than someone have to install the software one by another) The scripts are called in the software and needed to be changed by some other developers, without entering LabVIEW 😕 br Michael
  5. Hello fellow LabVIEWers, I am trying to get a self developed PXI chassis up and running - with some problems. As this is this my first time developing a chassis, some general questions about 3rd party chassis: If I want to get a 3rd party PXI chassis up and running with MAX I just need to add the right description files into the right folder? otherwise the chassis will be recognized as "undefined"? but will still work - except triggers? Whats my status right now? Chassis is connected via PCIe 8361 - PXIe 8360 and the Connection seems to work Chassis seems to work and inserted cards get recognized by MAX and "self test" works Chassis seems to get recognized with the Keysight Resource Manager (I installed it and selected it in NI MAX) no unknown devices in windows device manager (so the NI SMBus Controller gets recognized correctly) btw my actual SW installation: PXI Services 17.5.1 MAX 17.5 VISA 17.5 DAQ 17.5 LV 17f2 I am open for any suggestions and tipps! br SayMaster
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