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  1. Hi Benoit, Currently you can already connect all our USB3 machine vision cameras to the raspberry pi. You have then all option you require. Currently our Mipi camera design of the Raspberry Pi is in the proof of concept stage. Our target is to have a working concept in 2 months. Then the hardware design will start. Initially we will start with a 5MP and 20MP sensor. With these sensors you can user ROI to reduce resolution so we can cover all resolutions. We will keep you posted on our progress. Concerning cable length, we will probably specify it to max 10cm. It will have an m12 mount and cs and c-mount option so you can connect all lenses.
  2. We are doing hardware development. You are talking about software. Our camera hardware module will be compatible with the raspberry pi and from the driver side uses the same drivers as the original module. I hope this answers your question
  3. Hello everyone, We have started with the development of our own embedded MIPI camera module for the Raspberry Pi with an industrial image sensor. Currently we are in the specification phase and we are interested in your preferences so we will develop a product that does fit your requirements. If you have some time, please consider filling in this 4-question questionnaire.
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