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  1. Sorry from posting in this old thread, but I'm still having the same bug 11 years later. I'm using LabVIEW 2019 and having this "restore" issue. Wasn't this problem solved?
  2. Thank you all. But I'm using custom Radio Buttons, it solved my problem. @Antoine Chalons didn't know this traverseref.llb. Think I will use it in the future. Thanks.
  3. Thanks @ShaunR, the "Inserted VI" Property is available in LabVIEW 2012. Worked perfectly. Please, can you explain me why we had to change the Property: Owning VI (Property Node) from my old code inside the case structure "Mouse Enter" and "Mouse Leave" to a VI Server Reference (your new code). It's about the refnum, right? But couldn't understand that very well. The Property Node "Owning VI" gets the refnum from the subvi, but we needed the refnum from the main.vi?
  4. Hello The attached code will select all boolean from my VI and get the value of each one. Then build a array of boolean that will be used in another VI. My doubt is about the order of the boolean. In my example there four boolean: 1) "Home", 2) "Ensaio", 3) "Análise" and 4) "Configurações". How can I ensure the order of the boolean inside the array? I mean, if a user delete the boolean named "Ensaio" (2nd element of the array) and add another one, it will be the second element of the array or will be last one? Note 1: I'm using this code because the other users will add or remove boolean from the Front Panel, and I don't want them mess around with the block diagram. Note 2: Each boolean is customized, having different images each one.
  5. Sorry, forget to attach the VI file. @Gribo yes, it's the mouse cursor Added comment in the parts of the code that I want to modify main.vi subvi4.vi Each one of the five "Panes" will have a Subpanel (with the option Fit Control to Pane activated) where a subvi will be loaded
  6. Good Evening I'm new in LabVIEW, please be patient with me I was working in a User Interface for my application. My plan is to use a main.vi file and load a subvi in each of the four splitters. But there are two problems that I cannnot solve: 1) I want transform the part of the code that change the mouse icon into a subvi. But the option Edit > Create SubVI isn't working well because of the boolean value change in the Event Structure 2) When I load a subvi into a sub panel, I want the "mouse icon change" code work inside the subvi. How can I do that without copying the code into the subvi?
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