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  1. Wow, that's a huge amount of input. :-) Thanks to all. So how to build up a single CLFN is partly clear. With wizard import of the function from .dll with .h-files, I still strugling. The wizard in LV partly recognized some functions from the .h-file, but not all (see picture). It depends which .h-file I choose. At the end, no fuction was usable. I allready tried to include in an .h-file the command #include "fileX",... . But with no sucess --> LV crashed. In the docu is explicit written that you can develop your own driver. So it should work. I suppose, it proba
  2. Hi Shaun, What does CLFN stand for? I know, that this is/was wrong. But, I do not see any other possibilty in LV. Therefor my upper questions. Where and in which form I get the Handle parameter? Thanks. I am partly aware of this. 😕 But first, I want to "run" a single function - and then I would go further. Step by Step I was already looking for a header file and also a library file. But nothing fit so far. With the .lib-file I orientated myselfe here: Will I usually get this header or .lib file from the manufactor or is it secret? Alternativ, the
  3. Hello togehter, ich want to implement my first driver file (.dll) in Labview. As hardware for the driver file, I use the card "cifx 50e-dp" from the company Hiltscher. Attached is the documentation with a screenshot, the driver (win10 & 32bit) and an example-VI with my example function "xChannellORead" with the driver file. I hope, that in the documentation are all necessary information. :-/ Unforteunatly is it not working how it should be. How must the VI be configurated? How are the correct settings/arguments in the Call Library Function? see --> configuration --
  4. Hello, attached/below are two connected VI's. 1. What does the symbol mean in the red square? 2. How can I change the status on the second VI to the first one? In my opinion the both VI's should be the same one - except in one detail. But I don't know these detail. :-( Thomas
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