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  1. Forgive the stupid question, but is this a setting you changed in Windows or in OS X? It's fantastic to hear that someone finally got to the bottom of this! I'm having a little trouble figuring out exactly what you did though - forgive me for being slow...
  2. I'm seeing the same issue myself - in fact, I had to give a QuickDrop demo in Boston this week using a PC because I couldn't figure out a solution. I'm pretty sure this isn't LabVIEW's problem, so I'm not going to ask R&D to dig into this (yet). That being said, I can't find any settings in Parallels 7 that appear to fix this. Anyone give Parallels 8 a shot yet?
  3. Matt raised several excellent points. In particular, he brings up a valid point about the UI loop and the use of references - sometimes the simplest approach is the best one, and it's probably more than adequate in your scenario to simply wire the data to the appropriate terminals as it arrives. I go back and forth on the use of references - it's certainly nice to be able to send commands from anywhere in the system to a single process than then knows how to display them, but allowing data to simply flow to the terminal is often more readable, easier to debug and definitely more performant. I
  4. Hey dmurray, Glad to hear you found the command pattern example useful. It was my first successful application using OO, so I created the manual in the hopes of leading others down a similar path. I took a minute to glance through your code, and one big question jumps out at me: are you actually passing data between these loops? One of the major reasons to use the command pattern is the encapsulate the data associated with a command inside of a class instead of passing it as a variant. Given that none of your classes appear to have private data, I can only assume that you aren't act
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