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  1. Thanks for the feedback...Here is a little more detail. I have 3 can networks to READ. Two of those will only be logged via TDMs output. The 4th channel, I have to read, do some calculations/comparisons/update a whole slew of flags and variables/write to the same CAN channel. All three channels have channels I need to bind to indicators on the FP. My channel count will be fixed, at ~150 channels. For logging, I'll need a lot more information for each channel...but much of that is Meta-data (sensor manufacturer, last calibration date, etc). On the 1 subnet that I'll be doing actual processing and writing, I only care about the channel name (variable name???) and its Channel-API converted value. Also, for logging TDMs on a RT system...I'll have ~150 channels flying on three subnets that I'll need to log EVERY SINGLE MESSAGE/CHANNEL...Broadcast rates are 10ms or 100ms depending on the message. I'll need all this timestamped and synchronised with 60 analog inputs (pressure, etmperature, humidty, etc). Should I bundle all this into a cluster...then feed a queue that feeds a write VI...or just send every CAN (Channel API is planned) channel to a queue directly? Soryy for the rambling...I'm frustrated right now, because I can't seem to develop the application any further without having my 50# 1050 chassis ethernet-plugged into my development PC. Its :headbang: Thanks.
  2. Hi readers. First off, I'd like to thank all who read and offer advice...Us new LabVIEW programmers really appreciate the "application specific" advice. I'm writing test-stand control system for an automotive (Powertrain) test bench. I have to manage the User Interface, 3 CAN networks (1 Read, Act on data, Display. Write and LOG, the other two READ, Display, and Log time-synchronized with the 1 CAN network. Additionally, approximately 60 analog channels will be synchronously logged as well. All logging will be via TDMs in LV8.20. All together, I have to read/display/log ~150 CAN signals at 10-100Hz (User Selectable). The CAN channel I'm acting on, which simulates the Vehicle Processor, must have data written at 10ms intervals, or the subnet processors will fault. To facilitate TDM properties, each CAN signal and analog channel will have ~5 properties associated with it. I'm struggling with how to structure the data coming off the CAN network. I'm thinking a cluster of clusters, or possibly an array of clusters. But I'm not sure how big that would get...We'll be running RT. I'd likely take this cluster and make it a SHARED VARIABLE for improved coding...and memory management Any guidance would be GREATLY appreciated. I can "struggle" through the implementation code, as long as I'm comfortable I'm solid with the underlying data structure. :headbang: For what its worth, I'm planning to have the application Event Driven as much as possible... Thanks again
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