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  1. Hello there, I was looking for some help in making a game similar to Candy Crush, I'm working with a friend to try and get this game to work but I'm stuck on quite a few parts of the Labview Code. I am using someone else's code for a basis but they have only managed to get an Array up to load the graphics but the specifics I cannot get down and here is where the problems lie. For one I cannot get it so that the click is restricted to only moving in 4 directions and only swapping with the block next to it. My problem at the moment is you can click any block freely which destroys the purpose of the game. Secondly I need to find a way so that when similar coloured blocks are next to each other they get removed and replaced with random coloured blocks, please if anyone could give any help that would be much appreciated. mygame_DRAFT_CA.vi
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