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    RIO and I2C

    Hello, I have two sensors with I2C interface. How difficult is to implement that protocol on a RIO platform such as sbRIO. Can I use the digital port on the board or do I need dedicated modules? Kind regards, Yannis
  2. Hi I think this might be too late but my opinion is to use a while loop and a counter. Depending on your phisical load you might consider a ramp up but I'm not sure hoe to implement it on your driver. I will use very soon a samotronic 101 that alows me to input the step frequency. Hence i can set the speed and a rate. I'll come back with an example as soon as I do it.
  3. Hello I am tring to acquire some digital signals that comes from some switches with a usb6009 board. I really need to determine the timming between these switchings. Apparently the board can't use the timming as this is for analog acquisition. Any idea will help. many thanks
  4. Hi Mike, can you be more specific with regards to the way you transmited data from the RT to the Host? I am realy confused an I couldn't find a good example. I would realy appreciate if you can provide an example. I face a strange problem. fpga application is set to acquire at 1000 Hz and the logged file looks like it does but only for a couple of seconds. I wired at the input a function generator so I am sure of how the signal should look like. I know is something I'm missing, but I don't know what. Yannis
  5. Hi Jeffrey, Indeed, that's what I want to do, only acquisition without any control. I did that and it works, and the data is tansmited to the host through a FIFO, if that can be cosiderated shared variables. By the way, can you indicate some good books for LabView and more than that, which will contain information about FPGA? I couldn' find to many tutorial in this field and for most of the books I can't see the summary. The logged data contains a column that shows the increment of the loops. Does that increment coresponds to the value of the loop timer? Many thanks, Yannis
  6. Hi Jeffrey, My application is to log data on the host. I want to control the acquisition frequency too. The application I found in the FPGA courses are basic and for the one line handshaking one it appears to get blocked at one frame so I can't store the data in a file. My question would be what shoud I use to transfer the values from the cRIO to the host takeing into account that my process takes 2 seconds an it is cyclic. Regards Yannis
  7. Hi, I see that the last post is kind of old. I am pretty new in LabView and i'm trying to use a cRIO and I have some isues to discuss. I just what to now if anyone's still wathing the topic. Manny thanks, Yannis
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