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  1. Hi again, sorry for the late reply. Thanks for the guidance. I tried editing the STIM.h and the error didn`t disappear. it is still: "Error using loadlibrary" "Building STIM_thunk_pcwin64 failed." but now the error refers to the "oncleanup" function, that is called for ending a function. I have attached the oncleanup.m and the error I`m getting. (its location was in matlab\toolbox\matlab\general\). Seeing the error, it made me wonder if anything would change if I actually connect the device. (till now I was just trying to make the "loadlibrary" command work.) on
  2. Hi, I attached the error I get. and about the visual studio, yes I had reinstalled and selected the option. and it is selected in Matlab.
  3. Thank you for the code. The good news is adding these 3 lines you gave me to the platdefine header`s list of "possible values" and editing the If, removed the former errors. YAY!!! #define _Win64 1 //if 64 bit #define __x86_64__ // and again, this might be the gcc version or something? #define _MSC_VER 1900 // just a guess, this is ms visual c 2015 BUT Now I receive a bunch of errors (syntax). With the main error of "Building STIM_thunk_pcwin64 failed." 😣 Googleing showed that the Matlab compiler is not properly making the "STIM_thunk_pcwin64.dll". There were solutions of chang
  4. Hello I have received a LabVIEW dll and the corresponding header files so that I can send a trigger to a skin stimulation device. when I use the loadlibrary command in my Matlab script, I receive these two errors: "We don't know the Compiler" and "We don't know the ProcessorType architecture" Which means while reading the "platdefines.h", the Compiler and the ProcessorType does not match the ones listed in ifs. I have set c++ compiler to visual studio 2015 in Matlab. (also tried MinGW). the system I`m using is Windows 10 (tried on 7, too), 64bit. I read somewhere that ma
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