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  1. Hey all, trying to run the VI analyzer on a big project. For some reason, my rio things there are passwords in place on some VI's When working on the project and prompted for a password you just click enter with an empty password because there is none and off you go. However, the LV VI analyzer wont go through because of the password issue and you cant add or store a "blank" password to the analyzer? Anyone with any ideas?
  2. I am working on some legacy code that i did not write. Unfortunatley, the original writer used a shared variable that can be written to in about 500 locations. Just a bool tag to cause an abort. I am getting random aborts and i have no clue which writer is pushing on my network published shared variable. Does anyone know of a way to capture this? There are hundreds of this one abort tag. Its impossible to track which is pushing the tag. Thanks
  3. Thanks guys I did a little trickery today and found a work around. Its not pretty but at least it works Strait line move with V = 0 did the trick
  4. I dont fully understand what you mean. I have thought about your suggestion previously, but even if you made a VI called "stop move" or whatever, inside of it, you would need to place the stop immediate soft motion command. If it doesnt respond alone why would it respond in a subVI. Or are you suggesting to making a sub VI with a strait line move in it with its velocity = zero? Thanks in advance
  5. At least im not crazy and someone recalls this. Any other ideas much appreciated.
  6. So i am controlling a Kollmorgen Drive with soft motion from a C-Rio 9045 It runs fine 99% of them time. On occasion i use the STOP immediate command to stop the drive It simply ignores the command. I have an indicator tied to the drive velocity and it shows zero However the drive continues to move and it will not stop. I am at a loss. We have verified the command and tried it in several places in the program. After the initial troubleshooting i am thinking this is a comm related problem. As if its busy doing something else. Does anyone know of any other functions we can use to monitor the comms outbound? I have been trying to locate a function that will tell us if the drive is busy.
  7. I have tried repeatably to delete the last few letters from a specific array. I can not get it to work with the subset function nor the delete portion of array function. Any suggestions?
  8. I have a need to hit several front panel buttons of a sub vi in sequence. The sub VI houses an event structure that must happen in order to make a certain thing happen. I have a flat sequence structure. that turns off and on local variables that are then fed into the sub VI. The subVI is called in its own while loop. the flat sequence is running and the local variables are changing correctly. However, the subVI in the while loop will not execute causing the event structure inside the subVI to not detect a change and nothing happens The while loop that contains the subvi has no connects in or out of it, its all local variables Any recommendations on how to fix this? Thanks
  9. My only other issue is, I am triggering my Latch reset with a falling edge trigger. The clock that is running the latch is only running at the speed of a while loop. It is causing me to miss the falling edge sometimes. Do you have any suggestions Thanks Setting the Feedback node like this to false did not work I need to find a way to guarantee it
  10. Hi there, Thanks So when i wrote the VI i notices it automatically populated a feedback node If i tried to delete it , i could not compile. So the feedback node is my answer but need to understand how to use it. I know my Q output to initialize to false and my Q not to be high I will read the link you sent me. Thank you
  11. Having trouble initializing a flip flop VI i wrote It starts up in whatever state it wants. How can i force a particular state? Its just an SR latch Thanks in advance
  12. This is the way i did it. Seems to work ok Broke it down into an array and then concat it back together with just the pieces i wanted. One caveat , when it strips it out, it looses the ":" colon in C drive, so concat a constant with it. Thanks for the suggestions. Been a few years since i have worked with LV and getting back into the swing
  13. Quick question for you all Say you have two nested case structures on the RT side of a CRIO Just with simple true and false conditions Say the outer one is true and that allows you to get into the inner one While the inner one is executing the outer one eventually turns false I am having an issue with the inner case stuck executing because for some reason the outer case is never evaluated again Any ideas? Thanks
  14. Hi all Trying to use a network published variable to control the event structure of something in an RT loop of a rio project. When i try and add an event, it wont let me have access to that variable. Any ideas? Maybe create a local variable?
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