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  1. Hello, I am a .dll that act as interface with my HID device and Windows API. I am a problem to open a connection with my device using the CLFN. But if i run the example, that is made with VC++, that is provided from the Author of the .dll, the function return me the error code: "Device not Found" The function and prototype in the DLL is: FT260_STATUS FT260_OpenByVidPid(WORD vid, WORD pid, DWORD deviceIndex, FT260_HANDLE* pFt260Handle) FT260_STATUS is an enum that i defined it as uint8 enum in labview This is how I configured the CLFN: uint8_t FT260_OpenByVidPid@16(uint16_t Vid, uint16_t Pid, uint32_t DeviceIndex, uint32_t* SessionID) Convenction call is: stdcall (WINAPI) Can someone help me to understand what is the problem? Thank you very much
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