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  1. finally, I suppose, the best solution is to use DVR in junction with single element queue or notifier. And there is a classic OOP pattern to solve this problem - Singleton Pattern. Found it's description and example here.
  2. what if I would like to use dynamic events instead queues as a pattern Event-driven message handler instead QMH? Is there any underwater rocks I should keep in minds? Should I mention I buid RT application?
  3. Mmmm... I have a hardware (power source) to continiously collect data from in one operation and perform user controlled events in another one. Class is defined for hardwear. The only data they share is COM-port. To avoid conflicts in COM-port usage I'm going to create a property that will point to "port is busy right now". Is there a better solution? Maybe the core concepts is weak?
  4. Hello. What is the best practice to share one class instance (object) between two, or more, loops? New to lvoop, I suspect a correct answer is reference.
  5. Had the same problem guys. Spent about a week to find a solution. Implemented ways to restart TCP connection, as described before. Finally called to support NI. Support engineer recomended to check the network properties. The broblem was as follows: my microcontroller (MC) and operator machine (PC) were in defferent subnets. As subnet was tuned to simmiliar fo both MC and PC, the error 66 has varnished, as the problem did. Good luck. Take care of yourself.
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