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  1. In fact, my initial thought is to transmit data at a rate of 200Hz from target 2 to target 1, even though I will likely log data at 100Hz at target 1. Logging rates are not yet fully defined, hence the reason why I leave myself some buffer. The data transmitted is solely for logging purposes, not control. However, skipping a few data points may make data interpretation trickier. With regards to the protocol that both sides can speak, that is precisely what I'm looking for. If there already is a usable, well integrated solution for that I'd like to find out what it is. I'm trying to avoid low-level protocol integration if possible. Of course, RM would be my pick, but I have to balance cost and need. If I get the same result through a well integrated ethernet solution, I'll go with it. However, if I need to spend a week integrating Ethernet data sharing between target 2 and target 1, then my time's certainly worth an additional RM module. Regarding EtherCAT, I'll be using that technology on the load control side of my system. I'll have a master PXI with a few 9145 slaves, one for each of my loading station, where I'll be performing PID control at the FPGA level.
  2. Hello all, This is my first post on this forum as I just learned about it and am fairly new to LabVIEW as well as the whole NI environment. I was at NI Week 2019 and was very impressed by the size and the quality of this community. I am currently working on building a test rig where we'll be doing HIL testing as well as dynamic load control. Basically, our first target (PXI-based) will be running VeriStand and dedicated to doing data acquisition and HIL. Our second target (still PXI-based) will be running LabVIEW RT 2018 and dedicated to performing load control. The first target will be equipped with a reflective memory module to share data with a third-party test infrastructure and a host-PC where the data logging will take place. I need to send over some data from the 2nd target (LV, load control) to the 1st target (VS, data acquisition and logging) as that data needs to be populated to the RM and logged. We're talking about 32 floats, double-precision, that I need to send at a rate of 200 hz. 1st option: buy a RM module for my second target and populate data directly from that target. 2nd option: send the data to the 1st target through Ethernet using "some" protocol. The first option seems straight forward, but definitely more expensive. The Questions: 1) Regarding the second option, I'm not sure how to implement that. To share data from a LV target to a VS target, would that be done through UDP, TCP, network-published shared variables, or another protocol? 2) As a side question, can I connect my two (2) targets + my two (2) host PCs (1 host for data logging, 1 host for load control) through an Ethernet switch? Then, use my data logging host to communicate (GUI) with my 1st target and my load control host to communicate (GUI) with my 2nd target?
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