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  1. Thank you very much! It works for Array Data Pointer! I used float array (Size: 16) and read the first 3 values. Thanks a lot!
  2. This is the program. It can run to CL polling measure.vi libclapi.dlCL-500A.llb
  3. Thank you very much for this kind reply. I tried this method (A Cluster that contains 3 SGL numbers, and use this cluster to to tell the CLFN how to interpret the data.).But it will show this error or the program crashed.
  4. Trying to call the function below. I would like to read CL_MEASDATA information. Actually just need Evxy. ER_CODE KMAPI CLGetMeasData(DEVICE_HANDLE hDevice, CL_COLORSPACE Type, CL_MEASDATA* pColor); typedef union tCL_MEASDATA { CL_EvxyDATA Evxy; CL_EvuvDATA Evuv; CL_EvTduvDATA EvTduv; CL_EvDWPeDATA EvDWPe; CL_XYZDATA XYZ; CL_RenderingDATA Rendering; CL_PWDATA Pw; CL_SPCDATA Spc; } CL_MEASDATA; typedef struct tCL_EvxyDATA { float Ev; float x; float y; } CL_EvxyDATA; typedef struct tCL_EvuvDATA { float Ev; float u; float v; } CL_EvuvDATA; typedef struct tCL_EvTduvDATA { float Ev; float T; float duv; } CL_EvTduvDATA; typedef struct tCL_EvDWPeDATA { float Ev; float DW; float Pe; } CL_EvDWPeDATA; typedef struct tCL_XYZDATA { float X; float Y; float Z; } CL_XYZDATA; typedef struct tCL_RenderingDATA { float Data[CL_RENDERING_LEN]; } CL_RenderingDATA; The RenderingDATAis stored in the array in below order 0 1 2 ・・・ 14 15 Ra R1 R2 ・・・ R14 R15 typedef struct tCL_PWDATA { float PeakWave; } CL_PWDATA; typedef struct tCL_ScotopicDATA { float Ev; float Es; float SP; } CL_ScotopicDATA;
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