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  1. Thx for your sharing sir! But at my current project, I got the a EXE file, and I would write some commands after i execute it, and i can't finished it with SYSTEM Exec or your tool, could you pls help me to figure out it ? the yellow part below are the commands, thx again! D:\DESKTOP\VIG\BLE>BLE_GET_RSSI.exe Loading... <<READY>> Connect FDB06556E922 <<READY>> 7C1ABEE86B33 Connectng Connecting to FDB06556E922, Device name: VIG2_BLE_FDB06556E922 Connected to FDB06556E922 Discover Complete SEND VIG_BYPASS TX: VIG_BYPASS <<READY>> RX: MAC CHK OK SEND soc_ver? TX: soc_ver? <<READY>> RX: 0.762 quit D:\DESKTOP\VIG\BLE>
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