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  1. Ow! Perfect ! I link automatically JSONText ! Thanks that's perfect
  2. Ok. I'm not a LabView expert. I expected values in table Names, e.g. Cartographie instead of name (for exemple). At the end I want to make a drop down menu for the front end. Thanks !
  3. Hello, I tried your solution but I have an empty Array of data. JSON vers array.vi
  4. Hello, I m having difficulties with Lava JSON API lib. I'm not good at Labview but if you can help me. I don't see a documentation or a small exemple. My REST API return me this kind of string : [ { "id": "Cartographie", "records": [ "20190801-162634" ], "name": "Cartographie", "description": "", "lft": 1, "rght": 2, "tree_id": 3, "level": 0, "parent": null }, { "id": "Cyclage endurance", "records": [ "20190909-140001", "20190703-100000", "20190603-110704" ], "name": "Cyclage endurance", "description": "Some descriptions", "lft": 1, "rght": 2, "tree_id": 4, "level": 0, "parent": null } ] I need to make an array of ids or names. How would you do that easily ?
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