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  1. Is there a way to change the TestStand file/folder explorer to make it more similar to the Windows File explorer? What TestStand offers is more difficult to navigate and doesn't offer search functionality. What TestStand offers: What would be ideal:
  2. Does anybody know of any tools that make it easier to update Descriptions and Tips of front panel controls/indicators? This would also include an automated documentation output of the Descriptions/Tips that is easily transferable to a document editor such as Word.
  3. Milwaukee Tool is seeking a Principal Firmware Test Engineer with LabVIEW and/or Python experience. This position will work on developing tests for our Hardware-in-the-Loop (HIL) test stations. These HIL test stations are used to test Milwaukee Tool products as part of the development process for both firmware and hardware. You'll be DISRUPTIVE through these duties and responsibilities: Interface with electronics hardware design team to review and refine engineering requirements for alignment to test plans. Lead agile project teams through the new product development process. Drive continuous improvement of test development. Ensure on-time delivery of firmware that meets all requirements by testing. Analyze and enhance efficiency, stability and scalability of system resources. Effectively manage a technical team and provide technical guidance to achieve cost, performance, and schedule requirements. Milwaukee Tool is an engaging place to work, has an unmatched culture, great pay, and you truly feel valued as an employee. Please feel free to message me directly about any questions you may have related to the position. https://www.milwaukeetool.jobs/Jobdetails?reqNumber=7669
  4. My team currently uses LabVIEW to execute test cases on our products to verify requirements. These test cases are executed on a HIL (Hardware-in-the-Loop) test station. Part of what we want to do is execute test cases in an automated fashion utilizing CI/CD. Here is an example of what this would look like: A product firmware revision is committed to Bitbucket. Before the build server approves the build, it must be tested on the HIL. The build server interacts with a requirements/test management tool that contains all of the necessary information about what test cases need to be executed. The requirements/test management tool sends a request to the HIL to execute test cases. The HIL receives that request and executes the test cases. The test data (test artifacts such as reports and raw data) is sent back to the requirements/test management tool. If the test cases passed successfully, the build is approved on the build server and can be officially used on our products. My question is: What is the better method for doing this? LabVIEW or TestStand? Whatever method is chosen must be capable of receiving requests from the test management tool or being driven by the test management tool. Below is a flow chart of how this process would look.
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