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  1. Thanks Neil, For the record length, what I mean is: 10s is enough but longer is better. The NI PXIe 8267 have read/wire speed of 5GB/s so from my point of view it still enough. I just not for sure how the Labview process the data flow, it come to the RAM first or it write directly to the SSD. Let me check the DMA FIFO.
  2. Hello everyone, It is long time not using LabView, and now I have one project that need to capture the data continuously with the following requirements: Number of channel: 02 Sampling rate 1Gs/s simultaneously on both channel Continuously sample and save data in longer than 10 seconds I am going to use the Labview with the following hardware: NI PXIe 5164: 2 channel, 1Gs/s,14 bits ADC NI PXIe 8267: 4T M2 SSD PXI chassis with controller My question is: The NI 5164 at the maximums sampling rate will push to the host 3.2GB/s of data, can we save this data directly to the SSD without any interruption? I check the Labview example and found there are example name: "niScope EX Stream to Disk". But I do not sure how it work, do the data transfer from Scope module directly write to the disk or the scope module transfer to the RAM memory then from the RAM the software write it back to the disk. Because the limitation of the bus bandwidth, I am afraid that if the data is transfer to RAM then write to the SSD there will be interruption during the data acquisition. Please someone who have experience with this hardware or have been developed the same application help me. Thanks!
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