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  1. Hello guys, I passed the Exam this Saturday, The exam was a little bit harder than the sample exams but 4 hours was enough to complete the requirements and test the project with VI analyzer. This is the result of the VI Analyzer (Of-course after corrections): Total tests: 1144. Fails: 25. How do you think and Can I pass according your experience?? I'm waiting for your replies. Thank you!!
  2. Hello Everyone, I'm taking the CLD this week and I have some questions: 1) Can I create a project and add in it the VI given by NI. 2) I will use a STATE MACHINE and I'm thinking to add a state for the "WAIT EVENT" within an EVENT STRUCTURE to responds the user interaction with the UI (if the user click any buttons, this event structure will decide which state execute). => It is a good idea or no? 3) At the end, if I will be able to test the Project with the VI analyzer, What I should consider the most in the VI Analyzer results. 4) For the file I/O ( INI file or CSV file)Can I Use an"Application Directory"+"File Name"+"Build Path" to access the file path? 5)If the application is well documented and I can run it at the end, I can pass it or there is another tip I should consider? Thank you.
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