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  1. Hi, I'm working on a project to connect and interact with a cell of machines (8 PLC aprox) with datasocket, the app consist in a simple communication to poll a trigger, read and search the partnumber and retrieve data to PLC from a SQL database. I use QMH to start this project, and I made a MHL with the functionality of ONE machine (PLC and SQL communication, and a few messages to UI loop). This loop I called "Station Handler" is initialized with a configuration file which haves unique information to run each machine (CSV file with tags and parameters of SQL), I convert this loop in a SubVI and configured to be < Preallocated Clone Reentrant >, and I configure the datasocket subvis that i made to be reentrant also. When I run the application it works fine with the PLC about a couple of cycles (write/read), also I can use the two PLC I currently have to do tests, but suddenly, the "Station Handler" vi dont read ok the trigger tag, i have it in true and labview never read it. Is not a problem of network or OPC because I already open a OPC test client and read ok the value of the trigger tag. I will appreciate if anyone can help me... and sorry for the english if I dont explain myself enough haha Also I'm open if there is a better way to achieve this, and QMH maybe wasn't the answer... Top level VI Station Handler loop in Poll trigger state Poll trigger VI Thanks in advance!
  2. Thanks! that was very useful!!
  3. Hi, I'm doing an application where a test is graphing two sensors, and the client wants to see the data like this in the graph, I think i can do it with cursors, but i dont know how to. Another implementation is to maybe use indicators overlapped, and i dont want to do that haha. The user can change the number of readings from 7 to 14 through selection. Sorry for the english, and thanks in advance!
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