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  1. Hi, I'm working on a project to connect and interact with a cell of machines (8 PLC aprox) with datasocket, the app consist in a simple communication to poll a trigger, read and search the partnumber and retrieve data to PLC from a SQL database. I use QMH to start this project, and I made a MHL with the functionality of ONE machine (PLC and SQL communication, and a few messages to UI loop). This loop I called "Station Handler" is initialized with a configuration file which haves unique information to run each machine (CSV file with tags and parameters of SQL), I convert this loop in
  2. Thanks! that was very useful!!
  3. Hi, I'm doing an application where a test is graphing two sensors, and the client wants to see the data like this in the graph, I think i can do it with cursors, but i dont know how to. Another implementation is to maybe use indicators overlapped, and i dont want to do that haha. The user can change the number of readings from 7 to 14 through selection. Sorry for the english, and thanks in advance!
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