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  1. hi every body .. there is a problem in reading data from fields that show values of the current state . assume that the field which we present our value in't is called ( F1) , NOW , How can i get the value of this feild (F1) to insert it then to Database ?
  2. events may be logging data alarm and so on
  3. welcome i have table , this table consist of events 1- how make new event on the top . 2- how connect or storge these events in DB . i have DSC 8 module !!
  4. thanks for reply but i need shared variable btween VI how make it ?
  5. i have VI1 and VI2 i need view all change ocure on VI 1 in VI ( Trending ) how i can connect between VI1 and VI2
  6. welcome for all i need developent the Example in LV 8 which named " Event Traking " to register all events in program i need know how make it ! plz help me
  7. Mr.yen thank u i look to example in LV 8 and found example in ActiveX >> Write table XL .vi i need explanation for this example how ActiveX Work in this examle .? thank u
  8. how i can put data in the ActiveX SystemMonitor , ?
  9. hi i have program Symbol_Factory_ActiveX which consist of many industryal Graph how i can use these OCX in labview 8?
  10. thank U Mr.jeff the description of problem
  11. hi there is problem with labview 8 i cant configuration in front panle or bolck digram after save me work and close it . what is the problem here ?
  12. there is no Q but the purpose from this topic show the good example on DAQ and labview .
  13. The idea of this project is how to control the angle of a free pendulum using LabViw and Data Acquisition Card. After a lot of thinking about the source of force, and after some advices form friends, we use a very tiny DC motor as a fan. This DC Motor is controlled using a PWM wave generated by DAQ. The center of rotation of this arm is an Angle sensor, It is a variable resistor feeding back a voltage related to the angle. The over all explanation will be in this topic The force affects the arm cases a toque, this toque rotates the arm about the center of ro
  14. hi i need manual for labview datalogging supervisory control (DSC) 8 thanks.
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