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  1. hi every body .. there is a problem in reading data from fields that show values of the current state . assume that the field which we present our value in't is called ( F1) , NOW , How can i get the value of this feild (F1) to insert it then to Database ?
  2. events may be logging data alarm and so on
  3. welcome i have table , this table consist of events 1- how make new event on the top . 2- how connect or storge these events in DB . i have DSC 8 module !!
  4. thanks for reply but i need shared variable btween VI how make it ?
  5. i have VI1 and VI2 i need view all change ocure on VI 1 in VI ( Trending ) how i can connect between VI1 and VI2
  6. welcome for all i need developent the Example in LV 8 which named " Event Traking " to register all events in program i need know how make it ! plz help me
  7. Mr.yen thank u i look to example in LV 8 and found example in ActiveX >> Write table XL .vi i need explanation for this example how ActiveX Work in this examle .? thank u
  8. how i can put data in the ActiveX SystemMonitor , ?
  9. hi i have program Symbol_Factory_ActiveX which consist of many industryal Graph how i can use these OCX in labview 8?
  10. thank U Mr.jeff the description of problem
  11. hi there is problem with labview 8 i cant configuration in front panle or bolck digram after save me work and close it . what is the problem here ?
  12. there is no Q but the purpose from this topic show the good example on DAQ and labview .
  13. The idea of this project is how to control the angle of a free pendulum using LabViw and Data Acquisition Card. After a lot of thinking about the source of force, and after some advices form friends, we use a very tiny DC motor as a fan. This DC Motor is controlled using a PWM wave generated by DAQ. The center of rotation of this arm is an Angle sensor, It is a variable resistor feeding back a voltage related to the angle. The over all explanation will be in this topic The force affects the arm cases a toque, this toque rotates the arm about the center of rotation. Our force is the air pressure from the fan, The force generated by this fan is directly proportional to the speed of it. After the previous introduction, the speed control is a force control multiplied be a constant factor. We can not derive this factor because the difficulty of aerodynamics of this fan. This problem is solved using a feedback angle value. PWM wave generated by the DAQ interfaced by LABView is used, this wave is connected to the gate of a MOSFET Driver with 20V DC-supply. The main idea is to control the duration of the PWM due to theta calculated. If theta calculated is smaller than theta desired, then the PWM duration will be increased automatically, and visa versa. By this way, if some one affect on this arm by any small load, theta will be changed, and the PWM controller will work hardly to put the system on the theta desired The variable resistor is enforced using 5V DC-supply which is supplied the DAQ. by The value of the output voltage is proportional to the position of arm. In minimum case, the output voltage is zero and the maximum is 5V. So, the following illustrate this idea 0 V Υmin Vout Υ 5 V Υmax labview 8 with DAQ 6024E: In our Project , we use the labview 8 to interface with DAQ 6024E , and we use analog input which index 33 ACH1 with pin 8 ( +5 V) and 7 ( DGND ).
  14. hi i need manual for labview datalogging supervisory control (DSC) 8 thanks.
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