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  1. Yes... Apparently believed it was "fixed" a bit prematurely. It breaks again after closing LabVIEW and restarting. (It stays fixed if only closing all projects and returning to the launch screen.) I can confirm your steps to reproduce as well.
  2. Okay... and just to make this weirder, now it's working again. I'm not sure what happened to fix it, but I had the Actor Framework Fundamentals example open decided to try it... and it worked. So I tried creating a new empty project and class and... it works. 😲 Unfortunately, I don't know how I broke it or how I fixed it, so I'm not sure how to prevent it from happening again or what to do if it does. 😅
  3. Ah, yes. For the sake of completeness, I probably should have mentioned I'm using 19.0f2 (32-bit).
  4. Any hierarchy. For example, I just created this new class in an empty project. Unless I'm mistaken, it should show this class descending from the LabVIEW Object class. Instead...
  5. Has anyone ever seen this? I've tried renaming my Labview.ini file, but no change. It was working fine earlier today, but somehow it appears my Class Hierarchy view has broken. Any class I try to view comes up with an empty window (or sometimes a box with thin borders) and if I hit the Actual Size or Fit to Window buttons then I end up with this.
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