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  1. Thank you Francois and Zou for helping me. I've been off this project due to Covid and when back to work, other things had to be done, so, now I'm back on this project. Here is my progress so far: - I set the Unicode=True in the Labview.ini file - I downloaded the tools and installed them in LV - I installed russian ans arab languages in my linguistic preferences in windows - When I save my .txt file, I use the option: UTF-16LE So, now I am able to read a .txt file containing french caracters with accents and displaying them in the caption of a control. This is by reading the file in Unicode, then convert it to ASCII with the tool vi. My program uses the search string vi to separate lines and send them to the correct caption. This is where I have a problem. Searching a files with regular caracters works fine, even with french accents, but when I use special caracters like in Russian, Arab, Mandarin, the LV search function doesn't work. I am able to read from a file and displaying the whole file (russian caracters) in a string (forced Unicode), but cannot use a LV search function. Is the problem coming from the Windows environment language? That means I have to setup a VM in Russian etc to test my code? or it is simpler than that?? Thank you. Mike.
  2. Thanks Francois for the reply. The way you do it is also working on my side. What I have problem with, is reading the french (or other languages) from a text file and display it to a caption. Can you try to see if reading a french text file works on your side. Thanks.
  3. I need to be able to display any languages on my GUI for the controls. It doesn't need to be switchable on the fly, but only when the program starts. The test program I wrote just reads a .txt file, line by line and fill in the controls (I use the captions). If my text is English, no problem. But if I use French for example, all the characters are displayed exept the characters with an accent. (replaced by é for example). I already read some documentation on the NI site, but they focus on the export function, which is not usefull for me. Can someone direct me toward a document, or tell me why the accents are not displayed. (I will also need to do other languages). Thanks.
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